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In our present health system to often transient solutions come in little white bags from the pharmacy, which mask or palliate symptoms rather than getting to underlying causes.

Can our thoughts affect the position of our Atlas? Yes, this is a good question. You are talking about an interesting human phenomenon. We seem to recreate our stories in our mind and thus we recreate everything around us—Including the physical distortions in our bodies.

Cervical and general spinal stability over time, and the “holding” of your correction has much to do with the completeness of your realignment through the NUCCA procedure, i.e., the measurable reduction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex.

I have come to realize that the body has ways of expressing healing that are not all pixie dust and warm fuzzies. Some of the cleansing/healing processes can be a little itchy-scratchy—and painful. Some can be downright terrifying. Understanding what the body is doing and decoding the symptoms correctly is a key step in healing the mind, hence, keeping the body on track.