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Schedule for Friday, January 17th, 2014

Learning Objectives:

Professional Referral Networks and Co-management Teams are the future of private practice medicine, management and marketing.

  Atlas Orthogonists (AO) and Certified DNA Appliance providers are complimentary specialists in the fields of chiropractic and dentistry. This seminar is a tremendous opportunity to learn how to expand your practice to include referrals and comanagement cases beyond your present level. Understanding this vital relationship is not only a significant benefit for patients, it is a significant boost to practice income. 

I have identified the KEY to unlocking the referral gate and keeping it open: It's simple: It is found in understanding more of your complimentary specialists' exams, findings, objectives and methods. This allows clearer doctor to doctor, and doctor to patient communication. This is the basis for fueling the "referral machine". Many practitioners have enjoyed a few optimistic referrals, and then, for lack of understanding, or for miscommunication, the patient may become confused, or even "comandeered" and those professional relationships never reach their potential.

Experience has taught me that AO upper cervical patients make better dental patients, and vice versa. The outcome of dental work--of all kinds--is enhanced when your patients have a balanced cranial base on a healthy, supportive and ALIGNED spine.

Clinical Outcomes significantly improve consistently by implementing the co-managing culture learned in our training courses. Happy patients not only remain members of the practices, they are a constant source of referrals. Income for a groomed referral source can be several hundred thousand dollars a year. So confident am I in this that I have brought a certified DNA Appliance dentist into our AO clinic to see my patients. This is not a necessary step in most cases, but it is the only way that we can truly refine and perfect the multidisciplinary protocols.

Please join us in Springville, Utah at the School for Natural Healing on Friday, January 17, 2014.

8:00-9:00  Craniofacial Development and Upper Airway Pneumopedics—Dr. Singh 9:00-10:30 Neuromuscular effects of Malocclusion on the Spinal System—Dr. Chapman 10:30-10:45 Break 10:45-12:15 Transdermal Atlas Positioning, Pneumopedics and Jaw Registration—Dr. Chapman 12:15-1:45 Lunch at Ginger’s Garden downstairs
1:45-3:00 DNA Appliance Training and Cases  3:00-3:30 Break  3:30-4:45 Co-managing Complex Subluxation and Dental Cases  4:45-6:00 Questions and Answers 


Infographic about Seminars cover topics including TMJ surgery, migraine treatment, and scoliosis treatment. Located in Springville, Utah