"Our experience with correcting the mal-alignment at the atlas joint has shown that over 85% of migraine headaches  respond favorably to treatment."

"Early detection and non-invasive treatment done by our doctors can often reverse the common procession of scoliosis if caught and treated early."

"Problems and symptoms associated with Chiari malformation, or Low Lying Cerebellar Tonsils can be resolved or improved with cervical curvature restoration, and may provide clues to early detection of some neuro-degenerative brain disease." 

"Correcting the spine provides the structural and functional basis upon which the complex neurology and anatomy of the jaw, neck and face  regain balance and harmony.... and begin to heal."

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Someone suffering from jaw pain requiring TMJ Surgery at Chapman Clinic in Provo, Utah

Cervical Curve Restoration

There is a common, almost casual acceptance of the reversal of one of our most natural arches ~ the arch of our neck. 

When looking through the eyes of an X-ray machine, a graceful, lordotic curve of the neck is "normal". This is called a lordosis.

Symptoms of a reversed curvature of the neck can include vertigo, double-vision, neck and back pain, TMJ dysfunction, sleep breathing problems like sleep apnea and bulging discs. Irregular heart beat and aberrant blood pressures are associated with reversed cervical curve.  

Cervical Curve Restoration at Chapman Clinic in Provo, Utah can assist in relieving TMJ, neck and back related pain.

TMJD Treatment

There are 136 muscles that control the position of the jaw ~ 68  on each side.

The second vertebra of the neck (the Axis) controls the movement and position of the jaw. If the axis vertebrae is rotated or slightly displaced, imbalances in the muscles which position the jaw can lead to aberrant use patterns which can stress the Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and cause destructive wear patterns of the teeth. 

Many TMJ therapies over-look the proper treatment of the axis vertebra, and fall short of the clinical goals. I have found that correcting the underlying core imbalance in the upper spine will often resolve TMJ disorders at their source.

Migraine Treatment

It's all in your head...literally.

The vital tissues of your brain are in constant need of nutrients. This means proper flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)  to and from the brain. 

Brain cells need nutrients to make make neurotransmitters. Brain cell activity produces metabolic waste, which in turn needs effective removal and recycling. Proper blood and CSF flow, to and from the cranial vault is essential to brain health.

If flow towards or way from the brain or brainstem is restricted by a displaced atlas vertebra, or by cervical muscle spasms, the brain and supportive circulatory systems are adversely affected. This can harm the brain tissues, and can result in migraines, foggy thinking, light-headedness, vertigo, cognitive decline, ringing in the ears and balance and memory problems. 

Someone requiring Migraine Treatment. Headache pain can be relieved at Chapman Clinic in Provo, Utah.

Scoliosis Treatment

You can do Something about it now.

If scoliosis has been detected by your doctor, chances are, it is continuing to get worse or progressing. Usually the treatment plan is "do nothing, but watch and wait"... wait until you need invasive spinal surgery--or discover a solution on your own...

There are real proven alternatives to merely waiting and watching and bracing for the inevitable. We understand scoliosis from the top down.

When the head is not positioned properly on the upper bone of the neck (atlas), the spine will deviate and rotate into a mild scoliotic position.  Over time, if uncorrected, this can develop into more dramatic and extreme curvatures as shown in the picture slides to the right. 

A person requiring Scoliosis Treatment at the Chapman Clinic in Provo, Utah.

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