TMJ Treatment Options

If you suffer from TMJ pain, there are several different treatment options available. The effectiveness of these treatments will vary from person to person based on individual circumstances. For some, simple home remedies may solve the problem. For others, TMJ surgery may be the solution. Some options to alleviate TMJ disorder are:

  • Home remedies - Ice packs, pain relievers, and jaw exercises
  • Muscle Relaxant Prescriptions - There are several medications available that relax jaw muscles and allow the Temporomandibular Joint to recover
  • Physical Therapy or counseling - Certain exercises have been proven to alleviate pain, and counseling may help you find out behaviors like jaw clenching that may worsen pain
  • Mouth appliances - Certain splints or teeth guards may relax the jaw or prevent clenching
  • Injections - Botox injected into surrounding jaw muscles can help relax the jaw
  • TMJ surgeries - Although these are effective, they are only recommended for more extreme cases of TMJ disorder. They include Arthrocentesis, TMJ arthroscopy, Modified condylotomy, or Open-joint surgery. Detailed descriptions of these surgical procedures can be found here.

If your TMJ pain does not improve on its own, it may be time to speak with a specialist who can determine the correct course of treatment for you.