If you are suffering from daily jaw pain, you may have a condition that is often referred to as TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the part of your jawbone that connects with your skull. It acts as a kind of hinge that allows your jaw to swing freely. The causes of TMJ pain are different for many people. But what is most important to know is that TMJ pain is treatable.

If left untreated, TMJ disorders can worsen. It really doesn’t matter what the initial cause was. TMJ pain can be caused by anything from an injury to arthritis. One thing is for sure, TMJ pain shouldn’t be ignored. There are many solutions to TMJ disorders ranging from an oral device or pain medication, to TMJ surgery. Seeking TMJ treatment is a smart option for those who struggle with daily pain. Specialists are available in your area of Utah that can diagnose your condition and recommend specific treatments.

Some problematic symptoms of a TMJ disorder include: persistent pain or tenderness, aching of jaw or around the ear, difficulty when chewing, and pain in the TMJ joint. These symptoms may not improve on their own and could possibly get worse if left untreated. You owe it to yourself to relieve your jaw pain. Find proper treatment today.
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Jaw pain and what can happen if it's not taken care of properly